He Pito Whakaatu i te Hui i Rotorua / Scenes at the Rotorua Hui

Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Maori life and culture
Length:27 minutes
Format:35 mm archival print
Year Released:1920/1986
Series:He Pito Whakatu a Te Maori Na James McDonald
Director:James McDonald for the Dominion Museum
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Description:In April 1920, Maori people gathered at the Rotorua racecourse to greet the Prince of Wales. The Dominion Museum party of Best, Andersen, and McDonald took the opportunity to be present and McDonald recorded on film the Arawa powhiri at the reception camp to the visiting tribes, together with various Tuhoe demonstrations of action songs, hand and string games, flute playing, and traditional skills such as fire making and stone drilling. Silent.
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