He Pito Whakaatu i te Noho a te Maori i te Tairawhiti / Scenes of Maori Life on the East Coast

Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Maori life and culture
Length:25 minutes
Format:35mm archival print
Year Released:1923/1986
Series:He Pito Whakatu a Te Maori Na James McDonald
Director:James McDonald for the Dominion Museum
Library Code:
Description:Recording of the arts and crafts and tribal lore of the Ngati Porou by Best, Andersen, and McDonald with Te Rangi Hiroa. From Waiomatatini, visits were made to Whareponga, Kahukura, Rangitukia, Te Araroa, Ruatoria, and other places. McDonald recorded in this film examples of the skills retained in the area for making fish nets and traps, methods of netting and catching fish, weaving, hand games, music making, the digging and storing of the kumara, and the cooking of food in a hangi. Tribal lore and songs were also recorded on a phonograph and numerous still photographs were secured. Silent.
Record No:756
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