The Hiri Tradition at Kule Island

Location:Yule Island, Papua New Guinea
Subject:Canoes; trading; pottery
Length:50 minutes
Format:PAL; U-matic; S-VHS; VHS
Year Released:1987
Producer:Asples Productions
Distributor:Asples Productions
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Description:In this document the hiri or in the Roro language biri is explored as a tradition of the Roro people of Yule Island. Popularly viewed as a solely Motuan custom, this document provides evidence the biri was an integrated element of Roro life until just before World War II. Shows the community historian and story-keeper building a model lakatoi, a biri trading canoe, with some of the elder men who remember the practice from their youth. A master potter demonstrates the making of clay pots, which were made for the voyages to the Gulf of Papua to be traded for sago, canoe hulls, and other goods. A story is told of the spiritual origins of this practice.
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