An Island World: The Peopling of Polynesia

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Distributor:Random House
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Description:Who were the forebears of today's Polynesians and how did they people the last habitable area of the world, the isolated group of islands known as Polynesia? Part 1 begins with a brief discussion of Thor Heyerdahl's theory that Polynesia was settled by American Indians who drifted there from the coast of South America on rafts of balsa. The film then presents a second theory that Southeast Asia was the true origin of the ancestors of today's Polynesians. In Part 2, this theory is discussed in detail. Evidence is presented that the ancestor's of today's Polynesians most likely lived on islands along the coast of Asia south of the China Sea and that they must have journeyed ever further into unknown seas, island-hopping in their sophisticated outrigger canoes.
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