Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Contemporary art and artists
Length:54 minutes
Year Released:1978
Director:James G Gerrand
Producer:James Gerrard
Distributor:James Gerrard
Library Code:UH film H55; NFVLS
Description:The story of Jakupa, a village man from the highlands of Papua New Guinea. From a land of exotic culture and customs, suddenly Jakupa has found fame abroad as the pioneer of a vibrant new artistry. Jakupa's people are just one of a thousand tribes that have tumbled together into the twentieth century as one of the new nations of the South Pacific. Behind him are the myths, spirits, and rituals of his tribal life. But more bizarre is the cant and ritual when Jakupa first exhibits overseas and meets with that tribe of gallery patrons in the world of contemporary art.
Record No:936
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