Joe Leahy's Neighbors

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Docu-drama; social change
Length:90 minutes
Format:DVD; 1/2-inch VHS; 1/2-inch U-matic; 16mm
Year Released:1988
Series:Papua New Guinea Trilogy
Director:Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson
Producer:Australian Film Commission
Distributor:DER; Filmakers Library; Penn State Media & Technology Support Services (rental); Indiana University (rental)
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 2285; UHM AV/C DVD 10160; NFVLS
Description:The story of Joe Leahy, mixed-race son of Australian miner Mick Leahy and a highland woman. Leahy has become a wealthy coffee plantation owner and lives in western-style grandeur amid his poorer Ganiga neighbors. Joe Leahy's links to his neighbors and their financial and emotional bonds are explored in this film.
Record No:940
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