'Are'Are Music and Shaping Bamboo

Location:Solomon Islands
Length:142 minutes (2 videocassettes: 99 minutes and 78 minutes)
Format:1/2-inch VHS-NTSC
Year Released:1978-1979
Director:Hugo Zemp
Producer:CNRS Audivisuel
Distributor:Society for Ethnomusicology
Library Code:University of California, San Diego Library
Description:The two videos present a comprehensive inventory of the twenty types of traditional music of the `Are`are people, along with the explanations by a master musician. Details the performance of traditional and vocal music and the making of musical instruments. French ethnomusicologist and film maker Hugo Zemp spent several years researching and documenting panpipe, slitdrum, and stamping tubes, as well as women's and men's singing in solo and ensemble groups, at a time when the traditional forms of expression were being threatened by the importation of alien music. ŇAreŇare Music is is 99 minutes on cassette 1 and 43 minutes on cassette 2. Shaping Bamboo (35 minutes on tape 2) portrays the making of bamboo panpipes, carefully cutting tubes to measurements taken from the human body and adjusting their tuning by ear. AreŇare Music: English translation from French using voice-over and ŇAreŇare language with English subtitles; some credits in French. Shaping Bamboo: English narration. Study guide available.
Record No:99
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