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Vali'i: Rotuman Polynesian Music

by Lalavi

A compact disk of Rotuman songs recorded by the band Lalavi has been released and is available for distribution. The CD contains twelve songs and the package includes a songsheet with all the words, so if you want to sing along or learn the songs, you can do so. The official launching of the recordings took place on 16 December 2002 at 2 p.m. in Sydney at Alan Walker College, North Paramatta.

Lalavi is comprised of Six Rotuman members: Eric Fatiaki, Fred Pene, Charmaine Fonmoa, George Managreve, Marlaena Croker, and Simone Fatiaki.

For international orders please send postal money orders to:

Fred H Pene
PO Box A2266
Sydney South 1235

Please convert to Australian dollars at current exchange rates.
Prices include postage and handling.

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You can contact Lalavi at the following e-mail address:

Sample Songs (in MP3 format) 'Uam'ak Sio Ta Te A'at     Matiti Ne Rani     Sina  


Rotuman Music

Songs and Albums