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Rotuman Custom as told to Gordon MacGregor in 1932
from notes archived at
Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i

Legends: Muato'a







MacGregor's Notes


There was a giant (strong man) named Anapou who later became mua; he was called Muato'a and lived in Noa'tau.

One day this giant went into the bush to get a vine for an 'ahai rope (fagafea vine). The vine was so big and he so strong that when he pulled it off the tree all the branches of the tree came with it. Some of this vine was used as a sasaga in Tomanava's house in Maftoa.

The Noa'tau people tried to injure Muatoa and gave him all the kava he would drink to get him drunk. He became sick and walked down to an 'ahai where he stood between the two vakas and braced himself to vomit. He was so strong that he shook the whole boat and the people became afraid.

His mother was Usarau, an Oinafa woman; his father was Tipurotu of JuJu.



'ahai = double canoe




vaka = canoe

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