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Tales of a Lonely Island

by Mesulama Titifanua and
C. Maxwell Churchward

From the book jacket:

Tales of a Lonely Island are Rotuman legends dictated by elders to Mesulama Titifanua, who wrote them down. C. Maxwell Churchward translated them into English, gave a brief introduction to Rotuman grammar and commented on the legends' historical and social significance. Rotuman and English readers alike will delight in the stories of a unique island and its culture.


Tales of a Lonely Island can be ordered from the Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, P.O. Box 1168, Suva, FIJI for $10. Member countries of the University of the South Pacific receive a subsidized rate; their price is in Fiji dollars. For all countries beyond the USP region, the price is in U.S. dollars. A 15% discount is offered with purchases between $100-199, and a 30% discount with purchases of $200 or more. Seamail postage costs are included in the price of the book. Contact IPS for airmail rates.