Contemporary Rotuman Artists

This section of the Rotuma website is dedicated to contemporary Rotuman artists who have drawn on the cultural traditions of thier home island to inspire their creations. If you qualify, or know of someone who qualifies, please notify the webmaster at alanhoward@hawaii.rr.comOur goal is to provide a space where Rotuman artists can showcase their art for a worldwide as well as a Rotuman audience.

Photo of Konousi Aisake

Konousi Aisake is a wood carver and stained glass artist who lives in Vancouver B.C.

To view examples of his work, click here

Photo of Vilsoni Hereniko

Vilsoni Hereniko , from Mea, Hapmak, is an author, playwright, and filmmaker who lives in Honolulu, Hawai'i, where he is an Associate Professor at the Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai'i.

Photo of Rejieli Paulo

Rejieli Paulo is an opera singer with a growing reputation in Australia. She has moved to London, England, where she has been offered a place in the National Opera's 2004-2005 Season.

Photo of Sofia Tekela-Smith

Sofia Tekela-Smith is an accomplished artist and maker of jewellery & art objects, who makes her home in GreyLynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo of Tonu Shane Eagleton

Tonu Shane Eagleton is a world-reknowned ecological woodcarver and educator. He is the son of Kelera Sitiveni, whose family roots are in Motusa.

David Eggleton is also the son of Kelera Sitiveni. He is a prominent New Zealand author, poet, and literary reviewer.


Treena Rose is the daughter of Barry & Seforsa Johnson (nee Foster) who reside in Sydney. Seforsa is from Itu'ti'u and her parents are Jione and Emi Foster. Treena is an up-and-coming star on the pop music scene, and has performed in places like New York and Miami to rave reviews.