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Rotuma from NASA Satellite

Announcement: Copies of Island Legacy: A History of the Rotuman People, by Alan Howard and Jan Rensel, can be purchased from in both the hardcover ($36 USD) and paperback ($21.78) editions. All royalties from the sale of these books will be used to support the Elizabeth Inia scholarship for students from Rotuma High School.

Bulletin Board

  • 20 September, Brisbane Fiji Community to hold dance to raise funds for Fiji Day Festival


News Page

  • 17 September, LajeRotuma to coordinate Rotuma Schools Eco-camp
  • 16 September, FITĘ»s distance learning program reaches Rotuma
  • 15 September, Japan trip for Fatiaki


  • 30 September, 'Uam'ak sio te a'at

Sports Center

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