Te Reo Tahiti


Beyond formal academic considerations, instruction in Tahitian focuses on the spoken language with the aim to making a student functional in the society in French Polynesia. Written work is begun almost immediately but takes on an increasingly important role in the upper levels. By the second year students are learning to deal with the varieties of speech style and start the process of learning about the different social and language contexts and the geographical and historical background out of which they arise.

It is a basic tenet of the program that Tahitian language can not be effectively acquired without knowing something about the culture. For that reason, the program is a two-pronged one. First, since music [song and dance] is one of the favorite mechanisms of social interaction with Tahitians, these are explicitly taught. Secondly, students are encouraged to go abroad, most typically as part of a summer study abroad program that is offered intermittently. Advanced students have participated on a more protracted and intensive manner by spending a semester at the Universit╚ Fran┴aise du Pacifique in Tahiti. There they are placed in classes with students from French Polynesia and in classes that are typically conducted in Tahitian language.

TAHT 101 Elementary Tahitian (4) Listening, speaking, reading, writing. Structural points introduced inductively. Meets five hours weekly; daily lab work. FL

TAHT 102 Elementary Tahitian (4) Continuation of 101. FL

TAHT 201 Intermediate Tahitian (4) Continuation of 102. Meets five hours weekly; daily lab work. Pre: 102 or equivalent. FL

TAHT 202 Intermediate Tahitian (4) Continuation of 201. FL

TAHT 301 Third-Level Tahitian (3) Continuation of 202. Conversation, advanced reading, composition. Pre: 202 or equivalent.

TAHT 302 Third-Level Tahitian (3) Continuation of 301.

TAHT 358 Third-Level Tahitian Abroad (3) Full-time formal instruction at the French University of the Pacific in Tahiti. Third-year level in Tahitian language and culture. Pre: 202 and consent.

TAHT 359 Third-Level Tahitian Abroad (3) Continuation of 358. Pre: 301 or 358; and consent.

TAHT 401 Fourth-Level Tahitian (3) Continuation of 302. Conversation, advanced reading, composition. Pre: 302 or equivalent.

TAHT 402 Fourth-Level Tahitian (3) Continuation of 401.

TAHT 458 Fourth-Level Tahitian Abroad (3) Full-time formal instruction at the French University of the Pacific in Tahiti. Fourth-year level in Tahitian language and culture. Pre: 302 and consent.

TAHT 459 Fourth-Level Tahitian Abroad (3) Continuation of 458. Pre: 401 or 458; and consent.

Instruction in Tuamotuan and Marquessan is also available under IP 199. These courses do not emphasize speaking but focus on an exposition of the structure, history, and relationship to other Polynesian tongues (usually Tahitian and Hawaiian). Each deals with the literature on and in the language. Each class offers variable credit but is usually set up as a one-credit course which meets onces each week. Enrollment in each class may be repeated for additional credit.

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