Cost of Education and Analytical Metics

Proposed UH Productivity and Efficiency Metrics

University of Hawai‘i Strategic Directions, 2015-2021 will guide the University’s planning and budgeting priorities for the next three biennia. Associated with these Strategic Directions are metrics that promote greater productivity and efficiency in four priority areas: Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative (HGI), Hawai‘i Innovation Initiative (HI2), 21st Century Facilities (21CF), and the High Performance System of Higher Education.

The following charts reflect the development of these metrics from spring 2013. Following the BOR meeting in July 2014, campus administrators will be meeting to review/analyze their own data and discuss ways to use this data to enhance campus practices that improve efficiency and achieve productivity goals.

Targets may be established at the system and campuses for some measures; others may be monitored over time to understand trends and directions. A research, analysis and annual reporting cycle will be established to evaluate the usefulness and value of the measures. The use of the measures is not a one-time event but an ongoing long-term operating initiative intended to contain the University’s cost of higher education.

Presentation to UH Board of Regents 7/17/14

University of Hawai‘i System Budget Briefing 4/2/14

Presentation to UH Board of Regents 3/21/13