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The National Student Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) is a non-profit entity that serves as a nationwide repository of information on post-secondary and secondary students. Originally developed to track students on financial aid who transferred to other institutions, the database can be used to track students who leave (graduate or transfer) or decline attendance at the University of Hawai‘i (UH). UH began participating with the Clearinghouse in fall 2001.

UH currently participates in the following services:

    Under this service, the Clearinghouse acts as UH's third party agent and reports status information on student financial aid recipients to the U.S. Department of Education's NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System), guaranty agencies, and lenders and servicers.

    As part of our participation agreement, our ten UH campuses regularly submit enrollment data to the Clearinghouse. Our data populates their database, and they, in turn, provide reporting services to those entities mentioned above on our behalf.

    StudentTracker (formerly EnrollmentSearch) provides authorized users with access to the Clearinghouse's database of current and historical student enrollment records (93+ million). Over 3,300 institutions, representing 92% of enrolled U.S. college students, currently participate (source: Clearinghouse website, 05/03/09). High school districts also participate. Currently, the UH System Office of the Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy supports this service for the University by paying an annual fee based on enrollment headcount per campus.

    Through StudentTracker, institutions may identify or confirm a student’s enrollment at another institution(s) after he or she declined admission to UH, graduated from UH and continued on to another school, etc. In all but one instance, matching is done through the use of directory information (i.e., student name, date of birth). Refer to StudentTracker search options

  3. DEGREEVERIFY (FREE) currently in progress
    Participation in this service is underway and includes plans to populate the Clearinghouse database with past and current degree information from UH's ten campuses. Campus registrars will gain access to the Clearinghouse's degree verification service; institutional researchers will gain access to graduation information through StudentTracker.

How do I gain access to StudentTracker?

  1. Fill out the following forms:
  2. Fax forms to (808) 956-9870, Institutional Research & Analysis Office, Attn: StudentTracker coordinator. The Clearinghouse will contact you shortly with instructions on how to proceed.

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