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College: Leeward Community College
Program: Testing Services

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Program did not provide date of the last comprehensive review.

Program Description

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Test Center is to assist Leeward Community College in achieving its goals of technological superiority by effectively supporting its administrative and academic functions through our Test Center services. To achieve our mission the Test Center:


The Test Center provides proctoring services to students enrolled in UH Distance Learning courses as well to students enrolled in Distance Learning courses from non-UH affiliated campuses. We also provide proctoring services to students enrolled in local campus courses who need to complete make-up exams and we administer and proctor Compass Placement testing to future and currently enrolled students.

Part I. Quantitative Indicators

Overall Program Health: Not Yet Applied

Student and Faculty Information Program Year  
10-11 11-12 12-13
1 Annual Unduplicated Student Headcount   10,050 10,050  
2 Annual FTE Faculty   186 186
2a Annual FTE Staff   187 194
3 Annual FTE Student   4,289 4,345

Demand Indicators Program Year Demand Health Call
10-11 11-12 12-13
4 Number of placement test sessions administered per year per student FTE   1 1 Not Yet Applied
5 Number of Distance Learning tests administered per year per student FTE   0.5 2
6 Local campus tests proctored per year per student FTE   1.6 0

Efficiency Indicators Program Year Efficiency Health Call
10-11 11-12 12-13
7 Number of test sessions administered per FTE testing center staff     3,603 Not Yet Applied
8 Annual operational testing center budget allocation per number of test sessions administered   $4 $6

Effectiveness Indicators Program Year Effectiveness Health Call
10-11 11-12 12-13
Satisfaction measurements using Common Survey questions Not Yet Applied
9-1 The hours at the Testing Center meet my needs     92.6%
9-2 The atmosphere at the Testing Center is conducive to testing     96.2%
9-3 The services at the Testing Center are satisfactory     97.2%
9-4 My test was administered in a timely and efficient manner     97.4%
Last Updated: December 4, 2013


Part II. Analysis of the Program


The Test Center was relocated to a facility renovated specifically for testing purposes.  The old test center doubled as an open computer lab.  The noise has been cut dramatically, so  test takers can better concentrate in a distraction free environment.  New furniture with ergonomic chairs, computer tables separated by carrels and desks equipped with keyboard trays were purchased for the renovated space.  The new Test Center is a larger  room, so it can accommodate forty test takers--twenty more than before.

The relocation and renovation have also allowed us to extend placement testing by two hours.    The Test Center is staffed by friendly, courteous and capable staff who provide excellent customer service.   Our online survey results indicate high customer satisfaction and effective performance.  The overwhelming majority of comments approve of the new test center, quiet atmosphere and courteous staff.

As enrollment in Distance Learning courses has increased so has the demand for proctoring services.  The new location of the Test Center has been able to meet this demand because the capacity of our new facility has more than doubled.  We no longer have waiting lists of twenty or more students with wait times of thirty or more minutes.

Testing peaks are cyclical and although the number listed is high---3,603 test sessions per FTE testing center staff--we adjust staff schedules and  work hours to accommodate the peak periods and utilize our student funding efficiently.  The annual operational budget allocation per test session rose a little last year because our student assistant funding had to be adjusted since the amounts budgeted had remained unchanged for several years.


The Test Center is one of three services our unit provides.  While most other UHCC Test Centers provide only testing services, our unit provides other Information Technology support services to users across the campus.  We run the Help Desk and directly manage and operate College Computing Labs, which are eight computer instruction classrooms used mainly by ICS and BUS Tech classes.  Our unit also supports faculty, staff, and students using computers and related peripherals so at times our staff is stretched pretty thin.

The Test Center needs to have video monitoring capability when we proctor student testing.  Video monitoring will enable us to more easily detect or prevent student cheating.

The number of local campus tests proctored decreased mainly because the Math department opened their own testing lab. to handle Math Emporium testing, which was overwhelming the capacity of the original test center.

Part III. Action Plan

  1. Expand Test Center hours of operation by two hours.
  2. Purchase and install security cameras in the front desk, testing area and overflow testing room. 

Part IV. Resource Implications

  1. We'll shift some hours from days where we do not have many students taking tests.  This change will allow us to open a little later but close earlier on days with less traffic and so not impact our student help budget.
  2. Request funding to purchase and install security cameras.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

For the 2012-2013 program year, some or all of the following P-SLOs were reviewed by the program:

this year?
Program Student Learning Outcomes


Provides exceptional customer service with friendly, helpful staff in a clean, quiet, comfortable and distraction free atmosphere conducive to testing.

A) Expected Level Achievement

At least 90% of satisfaction survey responses from students will indicate satisfaction with ITG’s testing services

B) Courses Assessed

Not applicable

C) Assessment Strategy/Instrument

Students utilizing our testing services will complete an online survey with common survey questions:

  1. The hours of the Testing Center meet my needs
  2. The atmosphere at the Testing Center is conducive to testing
  3. The services at the Testing Center are satisfactory
  4. My test was administered in a timely and efficient manner

D) Results of Program Assessment

  1. The hours of the Testing Center meet my needs ==> 92.6%
  2. The atmosphere at the Testing Center is conducive to testing ==> 96.2%
  3. The services at the Testing Center are satisfactory ==> 97.2%
  4. My test was administered in a timely and efficient manner == 97.4%

E) Other Comments

No content.

F) Next Steps

The move to the Learning Commons building and newly rennovated space occurred during the summer of 2012.  The testing area is quiet and distraction free, which is what most of the students who used the previous Test Center commented in the surveys.

Will continue to strive for excellent customer service in the new Test Center.