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The use of library services has improved this year.  The number of informational and reference questions per student and faculty FTE is up from a ratio of 9.3 to 10.67. The number of students attending presentations sessions per student FTE is the highest in it has been in three years.Circulation has decreased by 10 items per FTE student and faculty. CCSSE indicators for Technology Services show an increase in use of the internet and technology, and a decline in computer lab use.  The mean average for student satisfaction has gone up in the past two years by 16% (from 2.42 to 2.58).  Technical support services are measured via faculty and staff satisfaction surveys which remain high at this time. The customer service rating in is at 71% (agree and strongly agree) slightly less than last year (77%).  The turn-around time for workorders was in the same day for 32%  (39% in 2010) of the respondents. 

In the Testing Center, demand for placement tests has remained high, seeing a slight increase over the previous year’s data by 0.8%. The demand for Distance Learning (DL) proctoring has seen high positive growth of 22.1% indicating that more Kauai students are taking distance courses. Demand for campus testing also saw a growth of 61.4%. Satisfaction indicators continue to remain high in student surveys, all are at 4.79 to 4.97 on a 5-point scale. Overall satisfaction is 4.86. The Tutoring Center has seen a decrease of  5% in the number of students tutored per FTE student.  For all subjects tutored, tutored students succeeded at a higher rate, an average of 9.7 percentage points higher than non-tutored students.   The most recent Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) was administered in 2012. It shows that 36% of students participate in tutoring, an increase of 12%. Increases were also seen in satisfaction and importance of tutoring. The faculty and staff survey showed an increase of more than .4 in the ratings for customer service and satisfaction with the hours of service.