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Honolulu Community College Executive Summary Printer Friendly

The Honolulu Community College Academic Support Division is comprised of the following departments: Library, Student Success Center (Testing/Tutoring/Retention), Educational Technology, Design Center, Policy Planning Institutional Research, and Student ACCESS (Disability Services).  

In academic year 2013 many of our departments experienced challenges associated with building renovations that had required physical relocations.  At the start of Spring 2014 all impacted departments have successfully moved back to their original locations.  

Listed below are division and program highlights:
•    In Summer 2013 all programs developed measurable Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) that will be used annually to assess programs/departments.  

•    Student Success Center.  The Student Success Center is a newly organized department that is led by a Student Success Coordinator.  Programs under the Student Success Center include the Testing Center, Tutoring Center, and Academic Success Center (Retention).  We have made tremendous strides in the areas of our Early Alert system reaching out to as many as 518 students (as of the end of fiscal year 2013).  Additionally, the Academic Success Center reaches out to students who are enrolled but not registered to further support retention/persistent initiatives.  In academic year 2014 we are planning to relocate the Academic Success Center (Retention) to be co-located with the our Testing and Tutoring Center to have those resources readily available in a single location for our students and to enable the Academic Success Center (Retention) to expand their outreach efforts.  An assessment and evaluation of our tutoring services is on-going at this time. 

•    Successfully completion of our Distant Education Strategic plan in academic year 2013.  In academic year 2014 we will continue to work on policies and procedures in relation to mandatory DE Faculty orientations, DE course certification and recertification procedures/processes.  

•    Currently in planning phase of a Student Success Workshop series.  Initial programming includes the utilization of content experts on campus to deliver free workshops.  Currently in process of conducting student focus groups to assist in guiding the development of the program.