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University of Hawaii Maui College Executive Summary Printer Friendly

The Learning Center provided academic support services to University of Hawaii Maui College including testing and tutoring. The academic support services are healthy and strong. The Demand for testing and tutoring services increased from the past year. Although the TLC proctored fewer COMPASS Placement tests, there was an increase in all other areas (distance learning, UHMC, and Community proctoring). The TLC met the demand for tutoring services by providing three types of tutoring: face to face, in-class, and online. The in-class tutoring strategy provided crucial academic support to students enrolled in basic skills courses.

In the area of efficiency, The TLC continued to provide academic support services with minimal staff and budget. Costs for some TLC staffing and the in-class tutoring strategy were funded through grants that will sunset in the near future so additional funds are being sought to maintain support services.

For effectiveness, TLC data indicated a high level of satisfaction with testing, tutoring, and other academic support services; however, 2012 CCSSE data indicated that many students are not fully utilizing academic support even though they perceive tutoring and skill labs to be important for their education. To address this, the TLC is focusing on integrating academic support into high risk courses[1] so TLC staff can help students perform satisfactorily in traditionally difficult courses.

[1] Low percent of students who complete the course successfully