University of Hawaii Community Colleges
2013 Annual Report of Program Data
University of Hawaii Maui College
Student Services Executive Summary

After experiencing a 50% enrollment gain between 2005-2010, with the largest spike of 25% in 2008, Maui College began to see enrollment decline in 2012-13.  Annual headcount dropped by 6% and enrollment of Native Hawaiian students dropped by 7%.  In Fall, New student numbers dropped by 17%, while enrollment for Transfer, Continuing, and Returning remained steady or slightly increased.  In Spring, enrollment for students in all categories declined.

Despite the recent decline in enrollment, closely tied to economic recovery, Maui experienced an overall growth of 59% between 2006 and 2011, with minimal resources.  The college has been successful in obtaining federal and institutional innovation funds to hire temporary staff and implement initiatives which have allowed the campus to keep afloat. 

In spite of lacking resources, the quality of our services continues to be confirmed by results of the CCSSE surveys.  Since 2008, Maui College has been in the 90th percentile in “Support for Learners Benchmark.”  Both Frequency and Satisfaction in all areas, including Academic Advising, Career Counseling, Financial Aid Advising, Student Organizations, Transfer Credit Assistance, and Services for People with Disabilities, have steadily increased over the years.  The high marks are a testament to the hard work of an already overstreched Student Affairs staff.  

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Collective efforts by Student Affairs staff helped to manage our enrollment decline in 2012-13.  To boost our efforts in 2013-14, we plan to utilize available tools and technology to facilitate proactive intervention, work more collaboratively with Academic Affairs in retention, and continue lobbying for much needed resources in Student Affairs.