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Executive Summary

Windward Community College’s Student Affairs is comprised of eight sub departments.  These departments are: Admissions and Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, Outreach, Student Life, Talent Search, Student Support Services, and Upward Bound.   Under the area of Counseling, Supplemental instruction data is included.  Under Student Life, Student Publications is also included.  As we have had developments in Career Services, this report also discusses this area as well.


AY 2012 was another year of growth for WCC Student Affairs.  A Mental Health counselor position was created, as was an additional Financial Aid Assistant position.  Three Title III grants continued implementation. 


2010-11 was also a year of new challenges. The new Library Learning Center was completed in this year.  This will house support services for students including tutoring and supplemental instruction when complete.  Student Affairs’ Ka Piko Coordinator is actively engaged in the planning for this effort.


Each area within Student Affairs has met the majority, if not all, of their Student Learning Outcomes and process goals.  This is despite fairly level staffing in most areas  accompanied by a large increase in student body.  Due to large increases in student population over the past 5 years (approximately doubling the population), departments are asking for increased staffing in order to continue meeting goals while serving a growing student population.  Furthermore, budgetary increases to account for increased student population for Frosh Camp and Commencement are requested.  Also, as much of our funding is extramural, the department has asked to institutionalize one grant funded position (Ka Piko Coordinator) and provide funding equal to the planned decrease in grant funding for Supplemental Instruction in this and next year. 


Our Achieving the Dream initiative, which began five years ago, has now matured to provide data on effectiveness of our efforts (increased need based financial aid awards, increased success of students utilizing Supplemental Instruction, NSO, and Frosh Camp).  Our next steps are to institutionalize the successful initiatives, develop new initiatives for areas of need, and to maintain the high level of staff engagement achieved so far. 


The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs continues to facilitate the Student Affairs management team consisting of all unit heads, a student, and a clerical representative.  The group provides guidance and support to the VC.  In addition the VCSA holds quarterly meetings for the entire Student Affairs staff.


This program review is a good reflection of the state of Student Affairs atWindward Community College.  All units have made significant progress in meeting their respective goals.  All units are functioning together in order to support the College mission as well as strategic objectives for our institution and UHCC’s.