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2013 Highlights

1. Continued focus on College and Career Readiness

2. Rural Hawai‘i Grant adds Internship, Transcript Evaluator, Career Counselor, and Data Specialist

3. Transfer Center at East and West Hawai‘i.

4. Continued reorganized and developed Separate Units and Programs within Division of Student Affairs.

5. Institutionalization of HA�‘awi KÅ�kua Positions for East and West Hawaii.

6. Continuous Evaluation and Strategic Planning Review.

7. Student Government and Activities Board

The Hawai`i Community College Division of Student Affairs provide quality services and activities designed to promote student success and degree completion: recruitment and enrollment, early college and career preparation and transition, advising and counseling; retention, persistence, skills building, enhanced educational experiences, student life, leadership, and activities and transfer.

Despite the drop in enrollment, which could be directly affected by the increase in graduation and transfer, partially also by changes in FA eligibility, and for some students, the availability of employment, The Division continues to lead in the efforts to shore up high school to college transition and enrollment by increasing the activities and events that happen at high school campuses though outreach, stronger community engagement, continuation of KÅ«kA� KÅ«kA� with K-12 partners, and increasing the efforts to reach Running Start students, including more college courses offered at high schools.

Programs within the Division also worked on a variety of initiatives to assist all students and staff: On Track Referral, Faculty Advising Training,  and At-Risk Student Outreach were spearheaded by Counseling, Math Academic Group and open lab for students were initiated by HA�‘awi KÅ�kua.  Orientation  has a stronger component of Financial Aid.  Halaulani Transfer Success Center were developed to promote transfer and coordinate services between HawCC and UHH. Lastly, Rural Hawai‘i Grant, in particular, the Transcript Evaluator position has shortened the time evaluations are done and have developed better policies to be approved by the VCSA.

This year, the Division of Student Affairs continued evolving, defining, and strengthening units/programs and the services provided.  Strategic Planning and Outcomes as a result of the campus initiatives in Assessment and Accreditation continue to be a focus as units revisit and align goals and outcomes to Career and College Readiness, College Completion, access, and quality services to support campus and system initiatives.