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Leeward Community College Executive Summary Printer Friendly

Student Services at Leeward on both campuses are healty and strong.   A vibrant array of activities designed to be intentional and proactive for the benefit of students continues to mark the effort of all units within recent years.   A so-far-continuously grown and now relatively stable student population is the focus of our collective efforts, a student numbers have remained steady even in the rebound of the local economy and during a downturn in high school graduation numbers.

Increased staffing in FAO and a coordinated systemic support for back-room operations in financial aid administration have helped us make great progress in effeciency and effectiveness of awards.   A stagnant human resource situation in A&R, however, has produced the opposite effect, a level of stress on existing personnel dealing with 35% more records has left staff demoralized and searching for means by which to keep their heads above water.

Changes in Counseling include a more intrusive approach with all students, particularly those first entering the system and with those not doing well academically.   The Maka`ala/Starfish model has signficantly altered expectations of counselors and of faculty for counselors.   A design shift toward program and population-specific counseling services has also signalled a significant shift in attitudes and in duties.   Mental Health demands have been met on a temporary basis through the use of accumulated student health fees and in cooperation with the Counseling offices at Manoa.  Reconfiguring a position to support STEM and the new ASNS degree, and the grant-funded establishment of a staffed Veterans' Resource Center are examples of the evolving nature of our committment to prviding services to specialized subsets of our student body.   The addition of a VSOC program and an Academic Coaching program reflect our flexibility in responding to both emerging needs and emerging resources.

The growth in Student Life offerings has been well documented continues to serve Leeward students well.

The Student Health Center continues to be a model of inter-campus cooperation.

Job Prep Services continues to be a model of the intention of Perkins projects - an institutionalization of a grant propsal that has stood the test of time.

Recruitment similarly demonostrates the power of grant funding (GEAR UP) to influence the long-term interests of a college.

Early College interest from local high schools presents an ineresting but welcome challengs in serving the community's needs.

The Student Services units at Leeward have been active agents of change for the better, working collaboratively with instruction and academic support to tighten the web surrounding our students, allowing fewer of them to fall between the cracks of an uncaring institutional bureaucracy, and treating more and more of them as members of a true community of learners committed to mutual successes.   Leadership and active support of these efforts makes a huge difference in the tone of the campuses, and Leewards' are currently blessed with both.  We are proud to think of ourselves as one of the most innovative and proactive Student Services units within the UH system.