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According to the Program Quantitative Indicators, Student Services, overall, is Healthy.  There are a few areas that will be examined to determine what can be done to improve the indicators: Native Hawaiian Pell awards, Native Hawaiian degrees and certificates awarded, and Native Hawaiian STEM degrees and certificates awarded. Tentative plans have been discussed on improving these indicators.

Student Services has had personnel changes the past years and have not filled all positions to date.  The financial aid office has two new personnel and one position still not filled. When filled by the end of next month, the office will be fully staffed with three personnel.  In counseling, the special needs counselor transferred over to the newly created, job placement/career counseling position.  Before being advertised the special needs position was modified to include mental health services, a service that is greatly needed.  The enrollment management/marketing person vacated the position in summer 2013 and is slated to be filled by end of October.  One of the priority this year is to develop and enrollment management plan.

Through the C3T2 grant, Students Services received a half-time transcript evaluator (upgraded to a full-time position in October), a data resource position, and a veteran’s and career counselor.  The data resource position was advertised four times but there was no qualified applicant.

Admission and Records has been able to maintain timely services even with the increase in enrollment over the past several semesters.  Student satisfaction has remained high.  With the additional transcript evaluator position, the goal of having transcripts evaluated prior to registration has become achievable.

Counseling and Advising has instituted several changes based on data to empower students to take initiative and responsibility for educational, professional, and personal development.  The use of the educational plan (Academic Planner) has been proven to impact retention and persistence.  The second service outcome of utilizing the Contract for Academic Success Strategy for probationary students is proving to increase student success.

Despite the changes in personnel and unfilled position, financial aid has seen a significant increase in the number of FAFSA applications processed, the number of Pell Grant recipients, the number of scholarships awarded, and many other key markers for success.

Student Life located at the Kauai Community College Campus Center, continues to play a vital role in the holistic development of students. The area serves as the central hub for the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii –Kauai Community College Student Government, the Student Activities Council and Registered Independent Campus Organizations.  It is an area where ordinary students can emerge as leaders of the community through leadership training and development, a place to explore and create programs that meet diverse needs, and a haven for student engagement and interaction.