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Community Colleges
Bachman Hall 207
2444 Dole Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

tel 808-956-7038

Physical Facilities, Planning and Construction

Working with the community college campuses, the Physical Facilities, Planning and Construction office coordinates long- and short-range facilities plans for new construction, renovations, repair and maintenance. They serve as the liaison between community colleges and private contractors, the Director of Capital Improvements and governmental inspectors.

Their responsibility also includes the coordination and preparation of the capital improvements budget for the community colleges in consultation with the community college chancellors and the UH System's office.

In addition, from office ergonomics to hazardous waste removal, they also provide occupational and environmental health and safety support in coordination with the UH Environmental Health and Safety Office. Annual training can be arranged with the community college campus' director of administrative affairs.

Click here to read more about the Physical Facilities, Planning and Construction office or call (80) 956-0863 for more information.

Physical Facilities, Planning and Construction team photo
Physical Faciltiies, Planning and Construction team:
(L to R) Gordon Man, Lynn Toma, Brian Kashiwaeda,
and Rodney Yim.

Missing from photo: Rosalina Burian, Darren Ito, Miles Nirei.

Director and Staff

  • Brian Kashiwaeda, Director
  • Rosalina Burian, Registered Architect
  • Darren Ito, Project Manager
  • Gordon Man, Project Manager
  • Miles Nirei, Environmental Safety Specialist
  • Lynn Toma, Secretary
  • Rodney Yim, Registered Engineer