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Achieving the Dream Hawai'i Strategy Institute

Save the Date: March 4-5, 2011


2010 Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report (Revised May 2009)

ATD Logic Model

Achieving the Dream Information

Final Round Four Guidelines (pdf)

Briefing Paper on Achieving the Dream (pdf)

Achieving the Dream Draft Application to OHA (pdf)

Letter of Intent to Participate (pdf)

Achieving the Dream Application - Hawaii (pdf)

Achieving the Dream Invitation Letter (pdf)

Round Four Investment Grant Application Guidelines (pdf)

Round Four Investment Grant Application - Hawaii (pdf)

2007 Kickoff Registration Memo (pdf)

Achieving the Dream National Progress Report 2007 (pdf)

Achieving the Dream Annual Narrative Report 2007-2008 (pdf)

Implementation Proposal (pdf)

Hawaii Proposal Feedback Letter (pdf)

VPCC Morton - Campus Visit - Spring 2011


Core Team

UHCC Core Team (pdf)

Achieving the Dream Team (jpg)

Meeting Summaries

August 13, 2008

What Works in Remediation:  Lessons from 30 Years of Research


Policy Team

UHCC Achieving the Dream State Policy Team (pdf)

Jobs for the Future - Overview Letter (pdf)

Building Support for Student Success: A Framework

     for Achieving the State Policy Work (pdf)

State Policy Newsletter - April 2007 (pdf)

State Work Plans - Summary of Priorities

     2006-2007 (pdf)

State Policy Orientation/Kickoff Agenda (pdf)

Rules of the Game Analysis of California CC

     Policies (pdf)

California CCs Making Them Stronger and More

     Affordable (pdf)

Data Team

2008-2009 Members

Data Team Charge

UHCC Goals and Key Questions

Instructions for Data Entry (Sept. 2007)

Data Team Introduction to Achieving the Dream


Data Team Proceedings, April 17, 2008

Data Team Proceedings, October 15, 2007

     UHCC Gatekeepers - October 15, 2007

     Bill Piland presentation - October 15, 2007

Data Team Proceedings, August 3, 2007

Overview, January 24, 2008

All Gatekeepers - January 24, 2008

Achieving the Dream Evaluation Policy

Intervention Template for Evaluation Purposes


UHCC Goals and Key Questions