External Affairs and University Relations

External Affairs and University Relations
2444 Dole Street
Bachman 109H
Honolulu, HI 96822

tel (808) 956-8856
email ur@hawaii.edu

Graphic Design and Publication Services

The Creative Services staff provides design and production management services to UH departments and offices.

The award-winning graphic design staff do work ranging from stationery and business cards to posters and brochures, to catalogs and annual reports. Through our office, you can also request for photographic services.

Copywriting, editing and website consultation are available on a limited basis, as available.

Use the menu at left to navigate to the specific area where you are requesting assistance, or get more information via email ur@hawaii.edu or by calling (808)956-8856.

Before you get started

  • Figure out what kind of publication you want (a flyer, annual report, etc.) and why.
  • Determine your audience. What tone, medium, look and feel are most appropriate?
  • Collect and study similar documents. Determine what appeals to you and works well.
  • Gather available photos and graphics.
  • Determine the quantity needed, how it will be distributed, when it is needed.
  • Determine your budget and source of funding.

Working with Creative Services

  • Contact Creative Services to schedule an appointment with a designer.
  • Consult Creative Services staff about project concept and scope.
  • You will be required to provide
    • Contact information for the point person (a single contact for the project).
    • FINAL copy.
    • Any related materials that may be requested later (e.g. banners, signage, maps, etc.)
  • The designer will obtain cost estimates if needed and advise on timeline and proceedures.