FY 2000-01 University of Hawai段 Tuition and Fees

Special Fund Expenditures for the Purpose of Generating Private Donations

HRS, Section 304-16.5(c), authorizes the Board of Regents to expend receipts from the University of Hawai段 Tuition and Fees Special Fund for the purpose of generating private donations for deposit into the University of Hawai段 Foundation for the purposes of the University.

In conjunction with designating the University of Hawai段 Foundation as the central fund raising organization for the University of Hawai段, the University provides $1 million annually to the Foundation, enabling the Foundation to:

1. Maintain a reduced administrative gift fee assessed against each gift, thereby making more funds available to the applicable University programs.

2. Recruit/hire/retain major gift officers to raise additional private gifts.

3. Develop fund raising materials, including case statements, brochures, direct mail pieces, and marketing items.

4. Upgrade data processing capabilities to facilitate increased activity.

5. Support University alumni activities to stimulate giving.

6. Support University personnel/units in their fund raising activities.