External Affairs and University Relations

External Affairs and University Relations
2444 Dole Street
Bachman 109H
Honolulu, HI 96822

tel (808) 956-8856
email ur@hawaii.edu

Stationery and Business Cards

Updated May 19, 2015

Contact Hawai‘i Correctional Industries (HCI) directly for university stationery (letterheads, memos, envelopes) and business cards, for additional information or questions on pricing.

Justin Ouchi
Hawai‘i Correctional Industries
phone (808) 485-5173
fax (808) 485-3580
email justin.s.ouchi@hawaii.gov

For more information, see

Download and read through the State Procurement Office Price List Contract No. 01-15 (PDF). Be sure to include an email address with other contact information (fax and phone numbers) when ordering stationery and business cards with HCI. Contact Justin Ouchi for questions concerning price estimates. (See contact information listed below.)

The seal and signature will be used in the design for all stationery and business cards, in accordance with University of Hawai‘i Graphics Standards.

Electronic letterhead files

Electronic letterhead files are available at no cost. Electronic letterheads must conform to offical university stationery design

To obtain an electronic letterhead template file, send a requesting memo signed by the respective dean, director or chair. Include a sample of existing letterhead (or correct content information) and the receiving email address to Bachman Annex 2. The file will be emailed about 2 weeks from receipt of memo and information.