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Speeches, Commentary and Correspondence


  • 11/24 Thanksgiving message to the UH community
    President Greenwood thanks faculty and staff for their efforts and relects on the university’s role in preparing leaders.
  • 09/14 Awards Convocation
    President Greenwood recognizes outstanding UH faculty and staff members.
  • 08/26 Welcome to the UH community
    President Greenwood welcomes UH community to a new academic year.
  • 08/24 Statement on Race to the Top
    President Greenwood comments on Hawai‘i’s selection for a Race to the Top grant.
  • 07/27 Statement
    President Greenwood and Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy Linda Johnsrud comment on Hawai‘i’s selection as a round 2 finalist for federal Race to the Top awards.
  • 07/02 Letter to the UH community
    President Greenwood updates the university on recent developments, including the Thirty Meter Telescope project, pilot pocurement procedures and capital improvements. She also reponds to the Hawai‘i Business Roundtable Executive Committee’s letter on HB444 and recognizes the passing of the Hon. William S. Richardson.
  • 06/18 Letter to Equality Hawai‘i and Letter to Gov. Linda Lingle (92 KB PDF)
    President Greenwood affirms the university’s committment to its policy of nondiscrimination. Among the first to respond to the Hawai‘i Business Roundtable Executive Committee’s letter to the governor on HB444, Greenwood also was quoted on the issue in Civil Beat, Star-Advertiser and The Advocate.
  • 05/27 Chronicle of Higher Education podcast
    President Greenwood describes the University of Hawai‘i’s research advantages.
  • 05/10 Post-legislative Update
    President Greenwood reports on legislative actions relating to the UH budget and thanks members of the university community for their support.
  • 04/22 Conversation on PBS Hawai‘i’s Insights
    President Greenwood discusses a wide range of topics with host (and UH West O‘ahu Professor) Dan Boylan.
  • 03/30 Budget Update Follow-up
    President Greenwood thanks UH community members and supporters for their support.

  • 03/29 Testimony to the House Finance Committee
    The president outlines consequences of a proposed sweep of $59 milion in university special and revolving funds.

  • 03/28 Letter to the UH Community
    President Greenwood provides a budget update in advance of a House hearing on further proposed restrictions to the university’s budget.

  • 02/03 Address to the Legislature
    President Greenwood delivers a historic address to the Hawai‘i Legislature meeting in joint session.

  • 01/26 Statement
    President Greenwood thanks the faculty for ratifying their contract and pledges to work together to advocate for the university.

  • 01/20 Testimony (696KB PDF)
    The president introduces university testimony at the budget briefing for the House Committee on Finance. Complete testimony is posted at the Government Relations page.
  • 01/16 Statement
    President Greenwood thanks the federal mediator and negotiating teams for their work in reaching a tentative settlement in faculty union negotiations.
  • 01/07 Statement
    President Greenwood expresses disappointment with the UH Professional Assembly’s request for an injunction.
  • 01/06 Statement
    The president agrees to participate in the next mediation session with the faculty union.
  • 01/05 Response to UHPA grievance
    The president shares the letter sent to the University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly Executive Director J.N. Musto reiterating her offer to meet to break impasse in negotiations with the faculty union.
  • 01/04 Statement concerning UHPA grievance
    The president responds to media inquiring about the grievance filed by the faculty union Jan. 4.