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2016 University of Hawai‘i - O‘ahu Campuses
Talent Show

Benefitting the Aloha United Way

Each year the University of Hawai‘i ‘ohana comes together to support the Aloha United Way's (AUW) mission of bettering the lives within our community. This year is no different. As part of the University of Hawaii's 2016 O‘ahu AUW campaign, we will be showcasing the incredible talent of our faculty and staff. The UH's Got Talent show will be a fun-filled night of camaraderie and friendly competition as representatives from each of the O‘ahu campuses and the UH System Office battle it out for bragging rights and the coveted UH's Got Talent trophy. Campus entry fees and other donations raised during the talent show go towards the University's Aloha United Way campaign.

Your presence can have an impact on who wins the UH's Got Talent show as you will be able to vote for your favorite artist(s). Each campus will showcase up to three talents and the campus with the highest cummulative amount of votes wins. Voting scrips will be sold during the show for a $1 per vote and the amount of votes you can purchase is unlimited. All monies raised by voting scipts go to the AUW.

University of Hawai‘i - O‘ahu Campuses
UH's Got Talent

Friday, October 7, 2016
5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Campus Center Courtyard
UH Manoa

See you at the show!

Important Information for Talent:

What Talent and Fans Need to Know:


The University of Hawai‘i is proud to continue its support of AUW through a tradition of generous contributions from faculty and staff that enable AUW to continue its partnership with numerous non-profit organizations. The University aims to raise $316,400 for the 2016 campaign, making an important investment in our community to make it safer, healthier and more productive for families throughout our neighborhoods.

The 2016 O‘ahu AUW campaign kicks off on September 12, 2016, with donations being accepted at that time via e-Pledge or paper pledge forms. Instructions on how UH faculty and staff can make a monetary contribution to the Aloha United Way are available here.

Please check back for updates.


UH/AUW Softball Tournament Archive

From 2006-2015, UH O‘ahu campuses and the UH System Office competed in a double elimination softball tournament to battle it out for bragging rights and keeper of the tournament trophy. Much like the UH's Got Talent show, proceeds from the softball tournament benefitted the Aloha United Way. Photos from the softball tournaments can be viewed here.