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UH Commission on the Status of Women

A forum has been established so that Commissions on the Status of Women (CSWs) around the country and beyond may have a gathering place.

The email listserv list has been established for this purpose and all interested participants are invited.

The primary purpose of the forum is to facilitate collaboration amongst the CSWs. The cross-pollination should prove useful to all members as we explore ways to keep our CSWs relevant, active and effective in both good and challenging times.

The gathering place for campus CSWs

Use this listserv forum to:

  • Share annual goals and objectives planning
  • Examine and review best practices
  • Reflect on women’s issues locally and nationally
  • Discuss other relevant ideas, issues and concerns

Sign up for the list

After 12 months of effort, the national list never successfully became the gathering place that we were hoping for. It has been shuttered since 2012. Interest in a renewed attempt to start the national discussion list up again can be communicated to the email address below.

If there are any questions, please contact Michael Hodges at