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April 2011

Budget update

The legislative session is in the home stretch. They have now moved into conference committee meetings. We will gain a better idea of how the budget will shape up over the next two weeks as the session is scheduled to come to a close on May 5. We are anticipating and preparing for a reduction and the impact that reduction will have on the university.

I’d like to commend our faculty, staff and administrators who are dealing with the harsh realities of this budget situation every day. They continue to do all they can to make sure our students’ needs are met despite these challenges, and it will take everyone working together to move the university forward.

As I’ve said before, we welcome any and all support from the UH community and everyone who believes that higher education is a critical investment in our future to help us survive these very difficult times.

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APEC 2011 Hawai‘i planning continues

The Hawai‘i Host Committee is ramping up activities in preparation for the APEC 2011 meeting to be held here in November, and the University of Hawai‘i role continues to expand.

The Host Committee has identified 4 pillars or theme areas to showcase what the state has to offer the world, particularly for the national and international news media. These areas include

  • Renewable energy
  • Life and health sciences
  • Ocean, earth and sky sciences
  • Meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions

An estimated 2,000 members of the news media are expected to cover APEC. This will be an incredible opportunity for the University of Hawai‘i to not only highlight our international expertise and particularly our leadership in Asia Pacific studies, but to also show the world our scientific and research expertise.

APEC news is available at the university’ new University of Hawai‘i International website.