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January 2012

Coach Chow, Kuali and PACOM

New head football Coach Norm Chow hit a “home run” in his first speaking engagement to the Downtown Athletic Club, attended by an overflow audience at Executive Centre.

The Kuali Financial System project continues on schedule with go-live planned in July 2012. Interfaces for payroll and purchasing will be completed by the end of January, and the contract and grant billing module is being adapted. Integration test cycles are planned in the coming four months, and a training plan is being created.

Governor Abercrombie and Admiral Willard have agreed to expand efforts to involve the state in sustainability and resilience interests shared by the university and the U.S. Pacific Command, or PACOM. We had the signing ceremony for the memorandum-of-understanding on a public-private partnership to prepare for disasters in the Asia-Pacific region in November. UH is identifying partners in the PACOM initiative with an anticipated visit from Tohoku University officials from Sendai, Japan.

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ment talking by silver electric car with hood up and doors open

Maui spearheads electric vehicle initiative

A consortium including UH Maui College, the Hawai‘i State Energy Office, Honolulu Clean Cities and 30 other Hawai‘i government, business and community partners recently launched the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance.

The federally funded initiative will create an overall county-wide plan and infrastructure for the adoption of electric vehicles.

The college will play a critical role in preparing the workforce needed to sustain this effort by training auto repair technicians as well as electricians, contractors, engineers and managers through its Sustainable Construction, Trade Apprenticeship, Engineering Technology and Sustainable Science Management programs.

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