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November 2011

APEC Highlights

At the Board of Regents meeting, President M.R.C. Greenwood highlighted ways the university was showcased during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation week in Honolulu. These included:

Co-hosting partners and prospective partners in the Thirty Meter Telescope project planned for the Mauna Kea Science Reserve with Gov. Abercrombie at Washington Place. Representatives from the governments of several countries in Hawai‘i for APEC had a chance to get to know each other better while exploring the incredible potential of the TMT.

Signing of the joint statement of intent to work on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resiliency throughout the Asia Pacific region by eight agencies—UH, PACOM, USAID, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, U.S. Japan Council and NOAA. This was especially significant for those who heard Secretary of State Hilary Clinton discuss resiliency in the Pacific region as one key way the U.S. can maintain stability and prosperity during her speech the day before at the East West Center and high-level policy dialogue with APEC leaders that morning. UH has offered to house the beginnings of the program. UH Foundation staff and Executive Director Donna Vuchinich have been helping develop this and it promises to be a substantial feather in our cap as it takes shape and form.

Promotion of UH as part of Hawai‘i’s four pillars of economic excellence. University activities in Health and Life Sciences and Ocean/Earth/Sky were prominently displayed at the convention center, airport, Ala Moana Shopping Center, on Leaders Week TV and in various media supplements.

Activities of students, including 200 student volunteers and 16 APEC interns , some of whoom served as liaisons and interpreters for the Chinese, Russian and South Korean delegations. Olga Bogach, a graduate economics student, was the lead liaison between the Russian and U.S. APEC delegations for Leaders Week. Undergrad econmics student Kelly Park rode in the South Korean presidential motorcade and sat in on a bilateral meeting between Presidents Myung Bak Lee and Barack Obama.

Hosting a China Day lecture November 8 in conjunction with the Hawai‘i Overseas Mainland Chinese Association and the UH Chinese Students and Scholars Association.featuring Zhang Lijun, chair of the China APEC Development Council.

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