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October 2010

Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative update

Hawai‘i is in the vanguard of states leading with a college completion agenda. We were one of only eight states selected to take part in Complete College America’s “Fall Academy” in October where we shared our plans to increase the numbers of students graduating with two- and four-year degrees and one-year certificates.

The Hawai‘i team drafted a preliminary three-step state completion plan, which includes:

  1. Fifteen to Finish: Encouraging students to enroll full-time and complete at least 15 credits per semester.
  2. Accelerate to Finish: Providing options for students to begin earning credits by completing college-level work in high school and through the use of summer school.
  3. Workforce Responsive Certificates: Establishing new certificates based on communication with employers and the Hawai‘i Workforce Development Council to reinforce the teaching of skills in new or high-demand areas.

Simply put, our citizens must complete to compete in our global economy. We’ll be sharing more about our efforts in these areas as our plans are further developed and implemented.

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Maui College provides summer employment for isle youth

UH Maui College provided jobs to 108 students in a federal Summer Youth Employment Program funded through the American Recovery and Rehabilitation Act and overseen by the Hawai‘i National Guard. From July through September, 28 UH Maui College departments and offices set up work projects for students The largest allocation of student workers had jobs beautifying the campus, with 29 students employed by Operations and Maintenance.

The temporary jobs provided students income they otherwise would not have had, and gave a significant number of students work experience in their academic fields. Even better, several students in other work areas were successfully placed in career positions. Among them, two nursing students who were assigned to the campus health center, creating internships in career fields.