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Our Hawai‘i Environmental

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OHELO is a community service project of the William S. Richardson School of Law Environmental Law Program that provides a "one stop" research library for those interested in Hawai‘i environmental law.

The goal of ‘OHELO is to promote easy and broad access to important information about environmental law and policy in Hawai‘i for researchers, legal practitioners, scholars, students, the regulated community, advocates, and the general public.  The site includes a comprehensive list of cases and laws related to Hawai‘i environmental issues, as well as a variety of materials that are otherwise unavailable to the public or difficult to locate.

Suppose you want to find Hawai‘i law relating to endangered species -- or environmental impact statements -- how do you get started?
It's easy: Click here.


‘OHELO Project Founder/Editor: Associate Professor of Law & Director,
Environmental Law Program, Denise E. Antolini, William S. Richardson School of Law

Special mahalo to the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and the University Research Council, University of Hawai‘i, for providing funding for this web site, and to Dean Avi Soifer, former Dean Larry Foster and Professor of Law and Founder, Environmental Law Program, M. Casey Jarman for their support.

Many thanks to assistants: Robert Harris '02; Liz Robinson '02; Steve Duck '02; Kristen Lundgren '03; Jeff Goldman '03; David Katz '04; Josh Medeiros '04; Erin Ching '04; Ryan Woodward '04; Dawn Nekoba '04; Chris Ewan '05; Sabrina Clark '05; Dominique Tansley '05; Adrienne Suarez '05; Dan Park '06; Peter Whitfield '06; Amy Maddock '06; Brooke McMeniman '06; Koalani Kaulukukui '06; Matt Snow '08; Alan Alicuben '08; Michael Colon '08; Douglas Fredrick '08; Moani Crowell '08; Sarah Wong '08 and Jael Makagon '08.

We welcome your comments and contributions - please contact Professor Antolini with any suggestions.

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