FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII
          Administrative, Professional and Technical Unit
                        Updated: April, 2002

Band Descriptors
Career Group Pay Band Code Academic Support 9166x Band A PBA 9166A Band B PBB 9166B Band C PBC 9166C Band D PBD 9166D 9 Month Personnel 9169X Band A PBA-E 9169A Band B PBB-E 9169B Band C PBC-E 9169C Band D PBD-E 9169D Allied Health and Safety 9226X Band A PBA 9226A Band B PBB 9226B Band C PBC 9226C Band D PBD 9226D Athletics 9236X Band A PBA 9236A Band B PBB 9236B Band C PBC 9236C Band D PBD 9236D Enterprise Operations 9126X Band A PBA 9126A Band B PBB 9126B Band C PBC 9126C Band D PBD 9126D Facilities Planning and Design 9216X Band A PBA 9216A Band B PBB 9216B Band C PBC 9216C Band D PBD 9216D Information Technology 9104X Band A PBA 9104A Band B PBB 9104B Band C PBC 9104C Band D PBD 9104D Instructional and Student Support 9176X Band A PBA 9176A Band B PBB 9176B Band C PBC 9176C Band D PBD 9176D 9 Month Personnel 9179X Band A PBA-E 9179A Band B PBB-E 9179B Band C PBC-E 9179C Band D PBD-E 9179D Institutional Support 9136X Band A PBA 9136A Band B PBB 9136B Band C PBC 9136C Band D PBD 9136D Legal Affairs 9146X Band A PBA 9146A Band B PBB 9146B Band C PBC 9146C Band D PBD 9146D Media Design and Production 9186X Band A PBA 9186A Band B PBB 9186B Band C PBC 9186C Band D PBD 9186D Physical Plant Management 9196X Band A PBA 9196A Band B PBB 9196B Band C PBC 9196C Band D PBD 9196D Public Information, Public Events Planning and Publications 9116X Band A PBA 9116A Band B PBB 9116B Band C PBC 9116C Band D PBD 9116D Research Support 9156X Band A PBA 9156A Band B PBB 9156B Band C PBC 9156C Band D PBD 9156D
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