Office of Human Resources

for the University of Hawai'i
Executive & Managerial Classes
Revised: May, 2014

 The class specifications have been modified for uploading to the World Wide Web. The content of each is identical to the officially approved hard copy. However, the margins, font, and spacing have been modified to establish a uniform class specification format. To maintain consistency, all documents are in Adobe/Acrobat Format.


Non-   Class    Exec/
Acad   Code     Mgrl

       S100            President
A      S106      E     Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
N      S108      M     Director of Technology Transfer and Economic Development
A      S109      E     Vice President for Research and Innovation
N      S115      E     Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel
N      S116      M     University Associate General Counsel
N      S117      M     University Assistant General Counsel
N      S118      M     University Staff Counsel
N      S119      E     Vice President for Student Affairs and University/Community Relations
N      S122      M     Director of Institutional Research and Analysis
N      S123      E     Director of Information Technology
N      S124      E     Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
A      S125      M     Academic Program Officer
A      S130      M     Director of Academic Personnel Administration
N      S135      E     Director of Internal Audit
N      S140      M     System Director of Human Resources
N      S145      M     Associate Director of Human Resources
N      S150      M     Administrative Program Officer
N      S165      E     Vice President for Administration
N      S167      E     Vice President for Budget and Finance/Chief Financial Officer
N      S173      M     Director of Financial Management and Controller
N      S175      M     Director of Research Services
N      S185      M     Director of University Budget
A      S190      M     State Director for Career and Technical Education
N      S195      E     Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents
N      S200      M     Executive Assistant to the Board of Regents
N      S213      M     Director of Risk Management
N      S224      M     University and Community Relations Program Officer
N      S225      M     Director of International Affairs
N      S235      M     Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

A      GE102     E     Chancellor
A/N    GE104     M     Associate Vice President

A/N    GM165     M     Assistant to Senior Executive

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I AT MANOA N      UHM111    M    Director of Facilities, Grounds and Safety N      UHM115    M    Director of Campus Services A      UHM117    M    University Academic Affairs Program Officer (UHM) A/N    UHM126    M    Director of Student Affairs N      UHM127    M    Director of State Aquarium A      UHM128    M    Director of Lyon Arboretum A/N    UHM131    E    Vice Chancellor, UHM A/N    UHM132    M    Associate Vice Chancellor, UHM A/N    UHM133    M    Assistant Vice Chancellor, UHM N      UHM136    M    Associate Dean of Student Services A      UHM145    E    Dean, UHM A      UHM146    E    Dean and Director for Research and Cooperative Extension (UHM) A      UHM150    M    Associate Dean, UHM N      UHM155    M    Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs N      UHM156    M    Director of Administrative Services N      UHM157    M    Chief Financial Officer, JABSOM N      UHM158    M    Director of Hawaii State Center for Nursing A      UHM160    M    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs N      UHM161    M    Assistant Dean of Student Services A      UHM170    M    University Librarian A      UHM175    M    Associate University Librarian A      UHM177    M    Assistant University Librarian N      UHM185    M    Director and Publisher of the University Press N      UHM190    M    Director of Athletics N      UHM191    M    Assistant Athletic Director-Senior Woman Administrator N      UHM196    M    Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services N      UHM199    M    Associate Athletic Director A      UHM210    E/M  Director of Research Institute                       Executive-Institute for Astronomy, UH Cancer Center                       Managerial-Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planentology, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology,                       Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Pacific Biosciences Research Center A      UHM215    M    Associate Director of Research Institute A      UHM305    M    Assistant Director, HITAHR A      UHM307    M    County Administrator, CTAHR N      UHM310    M    Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor, UHM N      UHM312    M    Director of Public Affairs, UHM
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I AT HILO N      UHH103    M    Director of University Relations (UHH) A/N    UHH105    E    Vice Chancellor, UHH A/N    UHH110    M    Associate Vice Chancellor, UHH A      UHH112    E    Dean, UHH A      UHH114    M    Associate Dean, UHH A      UHH135    M    University Librarian (UHH) N      UHH140    M    Director of Athletics N      UHH145    M    Director, Hawaii Small Business Development Center A/N    UHH147    M    Program Director, UHH N      UHH150    M    Director of Mauna Kea Management N      UHH151    M    Associate Director of Mauna Kea Management N      UHH155    M    Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (UHH) N      UHH160    M    Chief Information Technology Officer
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I - WEST O'AHU A/N    UHWO105   E    Vice Chancellor (UHWO) A      UHWO110   M    Associate Vice Chancellor, UHWO A      UHWO120   M    Academic Program Officer (UHWO)
COMMUNITY COLLEGES A      CC100    E    Vice President for Community Colleges A      CC112    M    Academic Affairs Program Officer (CC) A      CC116    M    Director of Vocational and Community Education A/N    CC131    E    Vice Chancellor (CC) A      CC133    M    Dean (CC) A      CC135    M    Assistant Dean (CC) N      CC140    M    Dean of Student Services (CC) A      CC150    M    Director of Continuing Education and Training A      CC155    M    Director of University of Hawaii Center (CC) A      CC167    M    Director of Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training A      CC168    M    Program Director (CC) N      CC170    M    Director of Community Colleges Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs (CC) N      CC175    M    Institutional Research and Analysis Program Officer (CC)