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Administrative, Professional & Technical (APT)
Classification & Compensation Plan
BU Exclusion of APT Positions Memo 04-25-07
Civil Service (C/S)
Classification Specs
Compensation Plan
Position Description Template
How to Write a PD 09-1994        
Executive/Managerial (E/M)
Classification & Compensation Plan
Update Memo
New: UHM157, UHH104, UHH150
Amended, Retitled and/or Repriced: S140, S168, S173, S175, S178, S195, S215, S220, UHM110, UHM145 (Medicine, Business Administration, Engineering, Education, Arts & Humanities, Languages, Literature and Linguistics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences), UHM150 (Law, Arts & Humanities, Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Graduate Division, Languages, Literature and Linguistics, Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies, Social Sciences), UHM190, UHM191, UHM225, UHM241, UHM245, UHM285, UHM307, UHH110, CC103, CC105, CC120 (Honolulu, Kapiolani, Leeward, Maui), CC140 (Honolulu, Kapiolani, Leeward)
Abolished: S170, S172, S222, UHM130, UHM145 (Graduate Division, Library Services), UHM247, UHM287, UHM300, UHH130, CC160
Update Memo
New: S116, S117, S123
Amended, Retitled and/or Repriced: S115, S165, UHH120, CC100
Update Memo
New: S226, UHM177
Update Memo
New: S130, S221, S224
Amended, Retitled and/or Repriced: S220, UHH100, UHH145,
Abolished: S221, UHM297
Update Memo
New: S225, UHM121, CC155
Amended, Retitled and/or Repriced: S 235, UHM150, CC150,
Abolished: S230, UHM116, UHM200, UHM298

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