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Collective Bargaining & Employee Relations

The Collective Bargaining and Employee Relations Section interprets and advises campuses and system offices on collective bargaining agreements, public employment statutes, rules, regulations, and policies, and University policies relating to collective bargaining and employee relations.  The section also researches and drafts testimony on legislative bills impacting collective bargaining for University executives; reviews memorandum of agreements and understandings; serves as the President's designee in adjudicating APT and civil service grievance and provides managerial support to the President's designee on faculty grievances; provides research and analytical support for Unit 7 negotiations and coordinates Unit 8 negotiations; serves as the University's representative to the State's Office of Collective Bargaining for civil service bargaining units; and develops and conducts training related to collective bargaining, labor relations, and employee relations.

For further information, contact your Department/Campus Human Resources Representative.

Each of the bargaining units are listed below.

UNIT 1 - Blue Collar, Non-Supervisory

UNIT 2 - Blue Collar, Supervisory

UNIT 3 - White Collar, Non-Supervisory

UNIT 4 - White Collar, Supervisory

UNIT 7 - Faculty

UNIT 8 - Administrative, Professional, & Technical

UNIT 9 - Registered Professional Nurses

UNIT 10 - Institutional, Health & Correctional