‘Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal

E welina mai nei! 

‘Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal is the first publication dedicated to the mana'o (thoughts) and hana no'eau (artistic works) of Na 'Ōiwi (Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiians), a historical landmark in the revival of the rich literary heritage of the indigenous people of the Hawaiian archipelago.

The mission of Kuleana 'Ōiwi Press is to provide a venue for Kanaka Maoli literary, scholarly, and artistic expression.  The press and journal were founded in 1998 by D. Mahealani Dudoit for such purpose.  It was also a response to the claim that no "real" body of contemporary Native Hawaiian literature existed, and that Native Hawaiian writers were "just a few scattered voices."  Since our inaugural issue was published in 1998, ‘Ōiwi and our subsequent Wayne Kaumualii Westlake monograph series have published over 200 Kanaka Maoli writers and artists who continue to demonstrate the on-going eloquence of our people, which is heard and seen all over these islands and abroad: in speeches, testimonies, prayers, conversations, music, dance, film, art, and more.  ‘Ōiwi gathers some of these voices together in print to provide one more place where our lahui can meet and engage via artistic, intellectual, social, political, spiritual and cultural avenues, as our ancestors did in the Hawaiian-language newspapers of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

‘Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal is published by Kuleana ‘Ōiwi Press, a non-profit organization.

All materials on these pages are copyrighted by ‘Ōiwi and our individual writers and artists, and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without permission.  Copyright 1998.  

Call for Submissions:

‘Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal is currently seeking submissions for our next issue.  The theme for volume 5 is "Malama: Hawaiian Art and Environment."  Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2010.  

‘Ōiwi  on Ulukau:

‘Ōiwi is available at Native Books/Na Mea Hawai'i and through our website.  Volumes 1 and 3 are currently out of print, we are sorry for any inconvenience.  Volumes 1-3 are available online at Ulukau: The Native Hawaiian Electronic Library, www.ulukau.org.

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Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal  

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