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In 2006, Kuleana ÿÖiwi Press teamed up with Kahuaomänoa Press to publish Honua, the first collection of poetry by Hilo native Sage Uÿilani Takehiro.  Kahuaomänoa is a non-profit, student-run press established at the University of Hawaiÿi at Mänoa committed to publishing student works, focusing on poetry and art.  Honua is their first publication.

Honua is available at Native Books/Nä Mea Hawaiÿi (www.nativebookshawaii.com), or through the Kahuaomänoa  website, http://sites.google.com/site/kahuaomanoa2/home


About Honua, from the Introduction:


Like the generations of Kanaka Maoli poets who have come before her, Sage Uÿilani Takehiro draws on traditional images of ÿäina and elements of nature—rain, wind, the ocean, cloud formations; moÿolelo—stories of our gods, ancestors, and heros; and moÿoküÿauhau—connection to family and community.  Like the Kanaka poets documenting the Hawaiian experience with western colonialism from the nineteenth century to the present, in this collection of poems, Takehiro explores the intricacies of contemporary Kanaka cultural identity and effects of colonialism often resulting in various experiences of loss, anger, and violence.  Yet despite the immeasurable suffering at the individual and collective levels, there is still hope, redemption, renewal found in the connection with ÿäina, heritage, tradition, honua.


An emerging voice of the next generation of Kanaka Maoli poets, Takehiro’s Honua is as influenced by ÿölelo Hawaiÿi, traditional images, and personal experience as much as by hip hop, reggae, and youth culture, intertwining the differing and sometimes competing influences into a solid, fresh perspective on contemporary Kanaka experiences on this honua, as part of this honua, today.  --

kuÿualoha hoÿomanawanui, Chief Editor

ÿÖiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal

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