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Obtaining a PCard

  Step 1:  Participating Department
Check with your Fiscal Office to see if your department is participating in the PCard Program. You cannot obtain a PCard until your Department agrees to participate. In addition, your Fiscal Officer must be trained before anyone in your Department may receive a card.  Note: Only University of Hawai`i employees are eligible to participate in the UH PCard Program.

Step 2:  Cardholders are Selected & Limits are Determined
Your Approving Official (Vice President, Dean, Director, Chancellor or Provost) has the authority to select cardholders in your Department and determine their purchasing limits. You must obtain approval and limits from your Approving Official.

Step 3:  Required Forms and Approvals
The following forms are required:
"Purchasing Cardholder Information" form - This is the PCard application. Fill out the personal information and your Fiscal Office will fill out the accounting information, limits, etc.

"Unit Reporting Administrative Information" form - Your Fiscal Office should fill out this form. Usually, only 1 form per Department is required.

"Cardholder Agreement" form - Basic PCard agreement between the Cardholder and UH. Signatures of the Cardholder and Approving Authority are required.

"Memorandum of Understanding" form - Basic PCard agreement between your Approving Authority and UH. Only 1 form per Approving Authority is required.

"Liasion Agreement" form - Basic PCard agreement between the Fiscal Officer and UH. The Fiscal Officer responsible for the Cardholder must fill out this form.
Step 4:  Submit "Purchasing Cardholder Information" and "Cardholder Agreement" forms to your Fiscal Office

Step 5:  Fiscal Office Completes Forms

Step 6:  Administrative Review and Action

Step 7:  PVS Net Account Established

Step 8:  Required Training

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