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Purchasing Process

Step Responsible Task Required
1 Cardholder Make purchase directly with vendor within pre-assigned authorization limits.
2 Cardholder Log each transaction in a Transaction Log. Retain all credit card slips, cash register receipts, packing slips, etc.
3 Cardholder Look for your transaction on PVS Net. Check to see if transactions are showing up properly (transactions generally show up on PVS Net within 48 hours of purchase).
4 Cardholder Ensure receipt of goods and services and follow-up with vendor to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies and damaged goods.
5 Cardholder If necessary, change the account and object codes assigned to the transactions.
6 Cardholder Billing cycle ends on the 14th of each month. Submit Transaction Log together with receipts and documentation to Fiscal Office by 4:00pm on the 14th of each month. Check that your Transaction Log has the required signatures and receipt of goods/services has been documented.
7 Fiscal Officer Generate statement on PVS Net. Compare the sales receipts/Transaction Log to the statement. Review transactions for appropriateness of expenditure. Check availability of funds. Examine reallocations and make necessary changes. Fiscal Officer must complete this review/reconciliation by 4:00pm on the 20th of each month.
8 ITS Download information from PVS Net to UH FMIS accounting system.
9 Fiscal Officer Forward inventory information (if any) to PFMO.
10 Fiscal Officer Upon receipt of FHB statement, reconcile PVS Net statement to FHB statement.
11 Fiscal Officer Retain & file PCard documents.

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