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Usage Guidelines

General Purchasing Guidelines Exceptions to "Preferred Method For Small Dollar" Policy
Unallowable Purchases Purchases Requiring Authorization
General Purchasing Guidelines    (back to top)
  • Can be used at any MasterCard merchant.
  • Each card will have a transaction spending limit and a monthly spending limit.
  • Each card will be blocked from Merchant Categories that are deemed inappropriate for PCard use.
  • Use is for University business only. Personal purchases are prohibited.
  • PCard purchases must be made in accordance with University PCard policies and procedures as stated in Administrative Procedure A8.266. In addition, federally funded purchases must be made in accordance with OMB Circular A21, Section J.
  • Cardholders are accountable for appropriate use and security of PCards.
  • Cardholders are personally responsible for inappropriate charges.
  • Pcards are not transferrable between individuals and departments.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately. Your Department will be responsible for charges made on your PCard until it is reported lost or stolen to First Hawaiian Bank.

Exceptions to "Preferred Method For Small Dollar Purchases" Policy    (back to top)
  • Vendor does not accept credit card or MasterCard
  • Purchase above Cardholder's limit
  • Vendor assesses fee for credit card purchase
  • Real Property Lease or Rental
  • Legal Services
  • High risk purchase
  • PCard not viable option for purchase
  • Construction - due to UH & SPO requirements (A8.281, Construction)
  • Design Professional Services Furnished by Licensees under Chapter 464
    • Requires public notice to invite statements of qualifications (A8.246, Professional Services Procurement for Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors & Landscape Architects)
  • Duty Free Application
    • Application for duty free entry should be made concurrently with acquisition process (A8.265, Specialized Purchasing)
  • Purchase with Special Requirements
    • Insurance (A8.265, Specialized Purchasing & A8.400, Risk Management Guidelines & Procedures)
    • Terms & Conditions (A8.265, Specialized Purchasing)
  • Service on a Contractual Basis – consultants, speakers, professional services
    • Requires UH Services Contract
  • Biological Commodities
    • All requests for procurement or transport of biological commodities must be authorized by Research Compliance Office (A8.265, Specialized Purchasing)
  • Hazardous Materials
    • Requires Hazardous Materials Management Office approval (A8.265, Specialized Purchasing)
  • Ethyl Alcohol
    • Restricted to certain UH programs
    • Must be obtained from Chemistry Dept. via Interdepartmental Order (IDO)
  • Vendor requests payment to a third party
  • Purchase for employee whose card privileges have been suspended or removed
  • Relocation expenses – purchases on behalf of appointee for airfare, shipping & temporary housing (A8.863, Relocation Allowances)
  • Payment to or on behalf of foreign visitor (non-resident alien) - including travel related expenditures such as airfare, shuttle, etc.)
  • Purchase requires a contract

Unallowable Purchases    (back to top)
The PCard may NOT typically be used for purchasing the following items/services:
  • Animals and related purchases (Contact Lab Animal Service at 956-8770)
  • Any purchase over $2,500 (P-Card limit by BOR Policy)
  • Automotive gas (Available from UHM Transportation Services or via SPO gas card)
  • Biological commodities, radioactive and hazardous materials (Contact Environmental Health and Safety at 808-956-8660)
  • Cash advances
  • Construction and renovation (Contact respective facilities offices)
  • Contractual services and non-procurement agreements
  • Contributions and donations
  • Fines and penalties
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives
  • Personal purchases (See AP A8.225)
  • Insurance (Contact Office of Risk Management at 956-7243)
  • Narcotics and all drugs
  • Payments to individuals (Due to tax reporting requirements)
  • Rental/lease of real estate (Contact OPRPRM 956-8687)
  • Specific services, e.g., consulting, financial, professional, temporary
  • Towing charges
  • Travel and entertainment expenses, e.g., hotels, meals and beverages, auto rentals, tips, etc.
  • Any purchase prohibited by UH policy or not business-related
  • Restricted items per OMB Circular A21, Sec J or sponsored award or grant (Contact ORS at 808-956-7470)

Purchases Requiring Authorization    (back to top)
The PCard MAY be used for purchasing the following items/services only with advance authorization:
  • Meals and Refreshments (non travel-related only) - obtain authorization from FO
  • Rental of Vehicles (non travel-related only) - obtain authorization from FO
  • Business Cards - obtain approval from VP, Chancellor, Dean, Director or Provost
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Services - obtain authorization from UH Campus Telecommunications Coordinator or DAGS
Note: ONLY Fiscal Officer PCards may be used for purchasing Airline Tickets and Organizational Membership

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