Cohort 2008–2009

Participant Campus
Myhraliza Aala Hilo
Denise Antolini Mānoa
Dulal Borthakur Mānoa
Laure Burke Kapi‘olani
Kasey Keala Chock Honolulu
Doodie Downs Hawai‘i
Linda Furuto West O‘ahu
Ruth Deborah Gates Mānoa
Kristina Guo West O‘ahu
Lori Lei Hayashi Leeward
Vilsoni Hereniko Mānoa
Allen Hixon Mānoa
Christine Kulamanu Ishihara Maui
Angela Jackson System
Mahealani Jones Hilo
Valli Kalei Kanuha Mānoa
Stephanie Kim System
Tammy Kuniyoshi Mānoa
Laurie Lawrence Leeward
Laura Lees Maui
Bonnyjean Manini Mānoa
Beverly McCreary Mānoa
Susan Murata Kapi‘olani
Hans Nielsen Mānoa
Marie Ohta Mānoa
Carla Rogers Windward
Jonathan Wong Honolulu

"Taking the Emerging Leaders Program is like taking a course in defensive driving. You come into it thinking you know how to drive already and you're wondering what else is there that you don't know, but after learning about all the various ways in which you can improve your driving skills--for your sake, and the sake of others with whom you share the road-- you realize how fortunate you were to have been chosen." - Vili Hereniko

"The President’s Emerging Leaders Program has provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation of the good work that is taking place throughout the UH System.  It was invigorating to collaborate with such dedicated colleagues and administrators who are determined to provide the leadership that is essential to ensure our students receive a quality education.  I now have a clearer career path thanks to the support I received from the President’s Emerging Leaders Program." - Laure Burke

"Although I didn't complete any of my schooling or work experiences through the UH system, I always knew I wanted to return home at some point. I was hired at UHWO as the first mathematician to build the program, and PELP has been absolutely critical in providing me with the tools necessary to navigate organizations, understand the various roles of the university, and build relationships that bridge campuses and disciplines." - Linda Furuto

"The President's Emerging Leaders Program gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Unversity of Hawaii system, leadership styles and how we can use our own leadership strengths to make positive change on our own campuses." - Kulamanu Ishihara