Cohort 2009–2010

Participant Campus
Philippe M. Binder Hilo
Heinz Gert de Couet Mānoa
Hugh H. Dunn System
Ali Fares Mānoa
Grace M. Funai Honolulu
Sandra K. Furuto System
Benjamin Guerrero Maui
Raynette Kalei Haleamau-Kam Hawai'i
Mary Therese Perez Hattori Kapi'olani
Elizabeth Heffernan Hilo
Joshua Kaakua Mānoa
Bryan S.K. Kim Hilo
Susan A. Lee System
Jodi A.K. Mine Hilo
Grant B. Murata Mānoa
Susan S.Y. Nishida West O'ahu
Katrina-Ann Kapa Oliveira Mānoa
Kay Ono Leeward
Laurence Paxton Mānoa
Cynthia D. Quinn Mānoa
Brian Richardson Windward
Elizabeth K. Tam Mānoa
Florence I.M. Thomas Mānoa
Michele H. Tom Mānoa
Ronny Umehira Kapi'olani
Kanoe A.S. Wilson Hilo
Julie K.Y.F. Yuen West O'ahu

"The President's Emerging Leaders Program is an amazing professional development opportunity for UH employees. The program broadened my understanding and appreciation of the complexity of our University system by exposing me to areas outside of my daily work experience. Even more rewarding was getting to know a wonderful group of dedicated colleagues who are as passionate about the University and committed to its success; it re-energized me and renewed my faith in why we are all here." - Sandra Furuto

"I was fortunate to participate in the President’s Emerging Leaders Program 2009 – 2010 Cohort. The program and my fellow PELPers provided me with humor, inspiration, and the opportunity to understand how my kuleana was connected to our kuleana. I learned that the University of Hawai'i is built on people and the stakes are high to fulfill its mission. PELP encouraged us to set wild goals... and then challenged us to meet them." - Joshua Kaakua