Bicycling is a convenient, healthy, and “green” alternative to driving to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Bike parking on campus is free and, with more than 50 bike rack locations, allows much closer access to your destination than parking lots.
Bike Rack
For those at greater distances from the campus, you can combine a bus and bike commute. Each City bus is equipped to carry at least two bikes. Read more:
TheBus Bike Racks
U-Pass - the free semester bus pass program for students

For the safety of our campus community and to avoid citations and fines, follow the University’s biking rules below and see the campus traffic safety initiative MOVE WITH ALOHA.

Bicycles (including electric-assist bikes)
  • must be parked in bicycle racks, and in a manner that will not interfere with the safety or normal movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • should be locked securely through the bike frame to the bicycle rack.
  • should never be locked or chained to roadway signposts, parking meters, or railings.
  • shall not be operated on pedestrian walkways, the campus mall, courtyards, or within buildings. See campus bike routes.
  • shall not be parked or operated in any parking structure.
  • shall abide by the City & County of Honolulu Bike Laws, State of Hawaii Traffic Laws, and UHM Parking Regulations.
PREVENT BIKE THEFT! UH Mānoa's Campus Security recommends taking these precautions.


Cycle Mānoa
A campus organization that helps recycle bikes and provide them to students. They also run a series of bicycle skills and repair educational events throughout the year.

UH Mānoa Bicycling Committee (UMBC)
A committee of faculty, staff, and students working to develop an even more bike-friendly campus.

Honolulu Bicycle Registration
Register your bike to provide support for bikeway funds and to protect your bike in event of theft.

Oʻahu Bike Plan
An island-wide plan (currently in draft phase) for a bicycle-friendly community. Many excellent local and national resources.

Hawaii Bicycling League
Information on routes, events, and general cycling news.