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Route N1 - Evening Shuttle - Map
Varney Circle -> Lab School -> Varsity Place -> Hale Anuenue -> Duke Kahanamoku Pool -> Law School Mall -> Frear Hall -> Hale Wainani -> Hale Noelani -> Hale Lehua -> Hawaiian Studies -> Burns Hall -> Jefferson Hall -> St. John Hall -> Varney Circle5:30pm - 11:00pm Route starts at Varney Circle 30 minute route. Last shuttle leaves Varney Circle at 10:30pm with last stop at Hawaiian Studies.
Varney CircleDuke K. PoolHale WainaniHawaiian Studies
5:30 PM5:40 PM5:45 PM5:55 PM
6:00 PM6:10 PM6:15 PM6:25 PM
6:30 PM6:40 PM6:45 PM6:55 PM
7:00 PM7:10 PM7:15 PM7:25 PM
7:30 PM7:40 PM7:45 PM7:55 PM
8:00 PM8:10 PM8:15 PM8:25 PM
8:30 PM8:40 PM8:45 PM8:55 PM
9:00 PM9:10 PM9:15 PM9:25 PM
9:30 PM9:40 PM9:45 PM9:55 PM
10:00 PM10:10 PM10:15 PM10:25 PM
10:30 PM10:40 PM10:45 PM11:00 PM
Traffic conditions may affect the shuttle schedule, drivers will make every effort to maintain estimated stop times.